Medicare Rebate Freeze

Closing the Medicare Rebate Gap

Patient rebates for radiology services have not been indexed for increasing costs, such as staffing, utilities and other costs associated with the provision of radiology services since 1997.

As a result, many patients have to pay a higher contribution to the cost of providing radiology services in your community.

The table below, courtesy of ADIA, demonstrates how radiology services are becoming increasingly more expensive for patients.


1998 Rebate 2010 Rebate CPI Adjustment
12 years
CT Scan
$259.30 $250.75

  31% ⇓

X-Ray Spine $50.15 $46.85 $34% ⇓
MRI Scan Head $424.60 $342.75 43% ⇓
$147.00 $144.10 30% ⇓

What can you do to help?

You can help by making sure the decision makers in Canberra hear your concerns and then take action to support patients.

Go to and express your concern by registering your name on a petition which will go to your local Federal Member of Parliament, as well as Government Health Spokespeople.

Also, you can sign the tear-off section in the Closing the Gap Medicare Rebate Brochure

More Information?

For more information, go to the Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association website or download the following:

Closing the Gap Medicare Rebate Brochure

Affordable Access to Quality Diagnostic Imaging